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We offer a single, transparent pricing plan for traffic and requests across our regions. Let us know what you need to operate your website or web application so that we can create the perfect rate structure!

  • Basic


    Per website/Billed monthly

    Monitors vulnerabilities and sends real-time alerts.

    • Web Security in Audit mode
    • Edge Caching
    • DNS Routing
    • CDN Included
    • Real-time Log Delivery
    • Real-time & Historical Stats
    • Shared SSL

    (*) Includes 100 GB of traffic & 100k HTTP requests.

    Next-Gen WAF

    Threats alerts, monitoring the application from attacks and bad bots.

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  • Most popular



    Per website/Billed monthly

    Helps medium-size businesses scale safely.

    • The Basic plan plus:
    • Blocking threats
    • Global Enterprise WAF
    • Rate Limiting
    • Bot Management
    • Access Control List
    • Custom Commercial SSL

    (*) Includes 1000 GB of traffic & 1 million HTTP requests.

    Next-Gen WAF

    Blocking threats, protecting the application from attacks and bad bots.

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  • Enterprise

    Custom price

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    Helps enterprise businesses scale safely.

    • The Standard plan plus:
    • Custom Security Profiles
    • Custom Security Rules
    • Custom Reports
    • Custom ACLs
    • Custom SIEM Integration
    • Custom, branded response

    (*) Consulting and pro-active monitoring included.

    Next-Gen WAF

    Custom capabilities and flexibility, dual-mode and staging included.

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Reliability, speed, and security are not your business. It’s ours.

  • Delivery

    • Dynamic content acceleration
    • Static content acceleration
    • Instant purging
    • Load balancing
    • Edge caching

    And more

  • Security

    • Global enterprise WAF
    • Managed security profiles
    • Rate limiting per second
    • AI-based Bot protection
    • Access control lists
    • TLS encryption

    And more

  • Routing

    • Global anycast network
    • Origin cloaking
    • Anycast DNS
    • DNS failover
    • DNS load balancing
    • Application health checks

    And more

  • Observability

    • Real-time stats
    • Historical stats
    • Real-time log delivery
    • Critical visibility
    • Third-party SIEM integrations
    • Alerts and custom reports

    And more

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Bandwidth pricing

Pay as you go for content delivery across our global regions.

  • Bandwidth (per GB per region)


  • Region
    First 10 TB
    Next 10 TB
    (per 10,000 requests)
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • South America
  • Oceania
  • Africa

Bandwidth is measured as gigabytes delivered from our network and calculated the bandwidth rates. Rate reductions are applied automatically with higher usage.

HTTP and HTTP(s) requests are accumulated in units of 10,000 and calculated at the request rates.

Pricing estimator

Your estimated monthly costs
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TLS/SSL secure connections

Pay as you go for content delivery across our global regions.

  • Service type
    Monthly costs
  • Shared SSL
  • Commercial CA
    $50 per domain name
  • High-volume or custom requirements

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