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    Next-Gen WAF

    We keep your website safe from all kinds of threats, including application attacks.

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    Always-on protection

    Utilise our network to ensure global protection by our Next-Gen WAF.

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    Rock Solid Security

    Your website and your business become immune to all existing threats.

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    DDoS Mitigation

    With a massive network, we safely block all attacks. We also reduce your costs.

  • Onboarding

    Security is no longer a challenge

    We've flattened the learning curve so you can enjoy a seamless experience without getting lost. We're proud of it! What's your most intelligent web security ever? Our attack mitigation is as easy as 1-2-3!

    • Attack Identification and Onboarding

      Our team will get in touch, identify the type of attack you’re under and take on first steps to mitigate them.

    • Threat Elimination Strategy

      Based on the type of attack on your website, our experts will ensure you have the right tools to guard it and eliminate any threats as quickly as possible.

    • Take back control of your website

      You can finally stop worrying about your site going down and never have to worry again about threats, malicious traffic, or attacks.


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    “We have been struggling with Cyber Attacks, especially DDoS, for a long time. After consulting a specialist from Edgeport, we chose the “Enterprise” plan. Within the first 48 hours, the attacks dropped by 80%.”

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    A. Suparaku

    Cloud Operator

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